Good ideas for changing kitchen shelves become more attractive

Have you observed that your kitchen is too monotonous and tedious? You want to change your kitchen to be more beautiful, vivid and unique but still do not know how?

Understand your wishes, today article I will give you a few tips to transform your kitchen to be more lively and sophisticated. And help you be more excited when cooking for your family. Are you curious? I do not take a lot of time. Let’s find out now.

Design the kitchen shelves with your favorite colors

beautiful house, interior, view of the kitchen

You should create a unique and outstanding for your kitchen shelf by combining colors in contrast. For example, if your shelves are white, you should leave bowls with colors that contrast with them like pink, black, etc. I’m sure it makes your kitchen stand out more than before.

Many people have a habit of storing household items in a specific container and when they need to be removed for use. Why not put it out and display it as decoration? Don’t “hide” beautiful kitchen accessories, you will feel satisfied and surprised what you see when you display them!

The floating shelf extends the kitchen wall


Whether you own a large kitchen or just a small kitchen, you can apply the idea of a shelf like this. Using most of the wall area not only builds convenience and neatness, but it also creates a modern and luxurious beauty for your kitchen.

The shape of the best floating shelf can be rectangular, trapezoidal … the best choices are still symmetrical squares. On this shelf, you can both cook and stretch your hand at the same time to get what you need. Extremely convenient, right? Not only are dishes, spoons, spices, … you can display your favorite books on the top floor so that you can read them while you are waiting for the food to cook. A pretty interesting idea, right? Try setting up a floating shelf as above if you like that idea.

Use maximumly of room gaps

Did you know that even the smallest gaps you sometimes feel redundant, can become a great storage area for the kitchen? Specifically as follows, For the locations that you feel redundant and do not know how to take advantage of it, you can equip a few small floating shelves such as stairs, triangles to hold small items. Such decoration not only helps you make the most of the free space and also makes your kitchen more different and unique.

Besides, It is not necessary that a kitchen shelf must contain items related to cooking, you can completely “turn” it into a place to decorate such unique objects as animals and plants. or flowers.

Decorating kitchen shelves is also an “art”


If you are a housewife with the trend of “practical”, you will love the way to decorate the kitchen shelves neatly. So, you will think about the ways to arrange each floor of a shelf for a household appliance to easily find and use, right? That decoration is quite interesting and worth learning for me. No-fuss, no “melody” or added colors, you just need to decorate according to your purpose and extremely scientific performance.

For those who do not know this decoration yet, I will show you how to arrange it shortly. The first shelf, on the top, you can place utensils such as cutting boards, teapots …, the second shelf will put bowls, dishes …, 3rd shelf, 4th shelf … (depending on preferences and space allowed). Finally, the highlight of this shelf will be a horizontal support bar with hooks for you to hang pots, pans, planters, cut … They look like an organized “band”, right! If you like this style, try following the suggestions above.

Decorate the kitchen shelves with … cups of tea

Why don’t you try such arrangements? The cups of tea can make more than you think! When building a kitchen shelf, besides putting the cup directly on, you can design sturdy metal pegs underneath so it can hang your lovely cups up.

Inside you can display antique plates, the top is a vase or a cup … A pretty classic and equally feminine feeling! It’s delightful for you to feel proud when you have visitors to your kitchen space!

Create an herb garden right on the kitchen counter


If you are a nature lover. Why not make your kitchen shelves more vivid by putting pots and flowers on it? A space overlooking the outside with sparkling sunlight shining on the green leaves, nothing more interesting?

To do that, you need to prepare yourself a 3-4-story shelf with mirrors or glass, put on it your favorite flower pots and bonsai. You should alternate types together to make your shelf richer and more beautiful. A soft green of bonsai will make the hot kitchen become be cool. In particular, housewives will also be more inspired when processing food with this beautiful little herb garden.

Organize kitchen shelves with woven baskets


Do you know knitting baskets? If you don’t know, you can look at the picture below. It is becoming an indispensable item in every indoor space today. It can turn a cluttered kitchen into a tidy one by putting things in it. Traditional woven baskets will help your kitchen become cozier. If you want to learn about getting this item, there are many types of woven baskets available on the market today. You can easily choose the type of knit basket according to the size and style you want in all stores.

In conclusion

I have finished giving you some tips on how to organize and decorate your kitchen shelves for more beautiful and lively. Let’s find a way that you prefer and try to decorate your kitchen shelf according to it. I am sure that the effort you spend will never be wasted when you see how your kitchen is changing.

Finally, hopefully, the above information is useful for you and thank you for taking the time to read through this article.