Golden Rules To Know When Using Laser Measuring Tools

The manual measuring method does not bring efficiency, absolute accuracy; the large gauges are inconvenient when moving … Today in the age of electronic technology, the development of handheld distance measuring devices hand was born, the use of a tape measure, and measuring scissors with a range over 30m is no longer a tricky thing. A laser distance meter makes measurement day by day accurate and more efficient. Distance meters with a simplified design, the user will feel very easy to use the device. If you already have the best laser measuring tool for your own, then it is essential to use and store it to effectively and increase the life of the machine. Today I will share with you the golden rules to know when using a laser rangefinder.

Rules to know when using a laser distance meter

The laser measuring tool is a specialized distance measuring device for geodesy with many advanced features to help quick measurement work. This device works based on the principle of laser travel time to and from time, making the measurement more accurate and more effective. That is the reason why distance meters are now equipped with many geodesic companies for engineers to speed up the work for measuring more accurately.

It has specialized distance measuring devices that use laser distance measurement technology when it hits obstacles. The durable machine will be ideal for professional users, with quick and accurate measurements, equipped with advanced laser technology, resulting in high accuracy and reliability.

In addition to necessary measurement capabilities, laser measuring tools also can add distances, measure angular deviations, calculate area, and volume quickly directly through the keys, display screen. It is also possible to store measured data to perform calculations later.

Currently, the range of meters is equipped with many outstanding features, high quality with many world-famous manufacturers such as Bosch, Topcon, Leica … bringing countless attractive choices for users about designs, sizes, features, and prices.

Some principles when operating laser measuring tools

Before buying a distance measuring machine, businesses need to determine what their job is, how to request the capacity to choose the appropriate product. You need to avoid buying tools with small or much larger size than actual work requirements that affect the working efficiency.

You should note some golden rules when using the laser measuring tool below:

  • Never point the laser at people, do not look into the laser beam directly or through reflection
  • If unfortunately, the laser is directed at your eyes, you must close your eyes and immediately turn your head to avoid the laser.
  • The laser measuring tool only operated by highly qualified technicians, avoiding handing over machines to serious amateurs.
  • You need to calibrate and install the instrument carefully before measuring to ensure accuracy in measurement and distance calculation.

Use correctly with a laser measuring tool

You place to position the distance measuring device with the plane (the machine must be balanced without deviation) of the chosen reference at the starting point according to the intention of measurement. Then, you press start measuring key to activate laser flow and aim the laser stream to the target surface. After that, you quickly rerelease the measuring key to start the analysis. When the laser stream is permanently open, the report begins immediately after the first start of the measuring button. In continuous measurement mode, the story starts as soon as the device is turned on.

Measurements appear after 0.5 and no later than 4 seconds. The measurement interval depends on the distance, light conditions, and the properties of the reflection of the target surface. An audible signal indicates complete measurements. The laser stream automatically shuts off at the end of the size. When no analysis is made for about 20 seconds after calibration, the instrument will automatically turn off the laser to save battery power.

Impacts affecting measurement results:

When using the machine, many external factors affect the results. Especially the physical impact, it is inevitable that the measurement will be wrong when measuring different surfaces.

  • Transparent surfaces (eg, glass, water),
  • Reflective surfaces (e.g., polished metal, glass), porous surfaces (e.g., insulating, thermal materials).
  • The texture of the surface (e.g., plaster, natural stone).

Air layers with varying temperatures or indirect reflection may affect the measurement.

How to maintain and store the laser measuring tool

  • Always keep the measuring instruments clean. Especially when working at construction sites, you do not leave the machine unattended on the materials.
  • Only store and transport the measuring instrument in the supplied protective bag. Each distance measuring device always comes with a dedicated storage box.
  • Do not immerse the tool in water or other liquids.
  • Wipe off dirt with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents or solvents.
  • If the instrument is malfunctioned despite being carefully monitored during production and has passed a test, the repair must be done by a handheld electrical tools service center.

In conclusion

The article we share with you how to use and store distance meters. Some essential guidelines for you to use the laser measuring tool most effectively and safely. After grasping the above operating principles, you need to read the instructions carefully; operating by the guidelines will ensure absolute safety without causing errors as well as not causing damage to the machine.

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